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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toddler + gun = news

A toddler shot and killed his mother, the boy's father told South Florida police, who say they will talk to the 2-1/2-year-old.

The father, who called 911, told police he was trying to take the firearm away from the child when it discharged.

The boy's mother -- Julia Bennett, 33 -- was shot once in the back and died from the injury.

Um, so what was a 2-1/2 year old doing with a loaded gun?

And who will be surprised when it is revealed the man actuall killed his wife?

And why is this national news?


  1. The media creates misconceptions not only for adults but also for children. The news media sources constantly report on crime, even entertainment media geared for children such as Disney movies display violent acts. Tangled, Iron Man, Rio which are all Disney films show some sort of violence. So, it is safe to assume that the 2-year old in this case was not no different from any other child exposed to the high media coverage on violence. Children get the idea that violence is okay and cause no critical harm. This story likely made national news because it is newsworthy. It shows crime, violence, it may create fear for some parents and gets the audience attention.

  2. this is my favorite part: Rues said investigators will talk to the toddler about the shooting, but that "due to the age, we're not expecting to get much." um I would say so the boy is 2 years old!

    This story is a perfect ‘newsworthy’ story in that it involves a bizarre event, violence, and a child. The story can also serve as an example of how the media utilizes frames/narratives. At the end of the article CNN adds: “"This should serve as a reminder to all parents out there to not leave firearms accessible to children. Even if you believe the firearm is not loaded, it's just not smart. It's not safe,"

    The story is not very well researched and was hastily thrown on CNN because they knew “CHILD SHOOTS MOTHER” would instantly sell. The father obviously was behind the shooting. The boys mother did not live with his father, so why was he there with a gun that his child supposedly grabbed and accidentally fired? This story has gaping holes and is just continuing on the moral panic associated with guns in the household. The media constantly publishes stories about children gaining access to guns in their home.

    ALSO what is up with this line “The boy's father has not been identified by police” ?????????

  3. It is no wonder this story is getting so much attention. This is so odd. Even if, when, it turns out the dad did it, the fact that he blamed a two year old still makes it unusual. But honestly, people need to grow up a little. This is just like two little kids pointing at each other and going "he did it."

  4. My big question for this is how in the world did this child get ahold of this gun? This just goes to show how unobservant some parents can be when it comes to their children. Such a dangerous tool should be kept well out of reach and sight of children no matter what age they are. Parents need to be more cautious and pay more attention to their children so that things like this do not happen. Secondly, I cannot say that I am surprised that a child with a gun, whether it’s real or not. The media is full of people shooting or harming other people and nothing major really happens. In many of the cartoons that children see people are being shoot or put in dangerous situations that they simply bounce back from and that misleads children into thinking that that is how reality is.

  5. If this toddler DID have a gun the questions are "how did he get a hold of it?" and "why was it in arms reach (loaded) of the child?" Besides, I don't know how a small child would even be able to cock the gun. In my opinion I believe the husband shot the wife (accident or not), panicked and called 911 blaming the child. This story is so bizarre no wonder it got a lot of coverage. And if I am wrong then that is some poor parenting to have a loaded gun in plain view in the house.

  6. If the end result of this investigation is that it really was an accident, which lets face it is probably not true, then the issue will be turned into a gun safety issue. Advocacy groups would use the media to try and gain support for their issues. And well, if it really was the father then it will be just another horrific case to be covered because we as a society crave that type of media.

  7. Lets recall that the media focuses on random crimes and especially when children are involved.
    The story is very controversial, personally I do not believe that the 2 year old shot her mother, his father seems the one that did it, because it will be hard for a 2 year old to be able to shoot taking into account the size of his hands....
    This of course makes newsworthy, because it involves a little kid and death, and it will create misconceptions about guns and kids....