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Friday, January 6, 2012

An interesting argument about the role of the media in capital punishment

I was searching Google news today and found this argument, posted only a couple of days ago, about our current system of capital punishment.

Interestingly, while this writer supports the death penalty, he agrees with me that the system of capital punishment is a "farce" (the very word I use to describe it, along with other "F" words). His problem is that he wants to kill them all and believes that institutions including the media interfere so that it is not possible.

If only we could push a button to kill them all!

 Here is the introduction:

In common parlance, "getting away with murder" is a metaphor for doing something wrong without suffering deserved adverse consequences.  Getting away with actual murder has meant that the killer did not get caught, or else he avoided conviction or appropriate punishment thanks to a good lawyer (often taking advantage of judge-concocted rules favoring guilty defendants).

In recent decades, however, getting away with murder has been infused with new meaning: purposeful government policy now grants murderers immunity from punishment for new crimes.
Out of thin air, a right has been officially and surreptitiously created exclusively for select previously convicted murderers: the right to commit, cost-free, further violence, and even further murders.  When judges, legislators, and governors make capital punishment impossible in willful defiance of great public support, they liberate those already serving life sentences to fearlessly perpetrate as many additional vicious crimes as they can because they face no greater penalty. 

This shocking reality, known to those few immersed in what passes for the criminal "justice" system, is covered up by our murderer-protective media.


So, see he blames the media for this. Read it, it's worth it.

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