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Friday, January 13, 2012


Browsing the news this morning and this jumped out at me.

Girl taunted by neighbor dies at age 9

Kathleen Edward was thrust into the national spotlight over startling images posted online. » Succumbs to disease
See what the news media did here?

They took one story about a young girl who died after being taunted or bullied. Then they found another, unrelated story about a teen who died, a different bully victim, and something about a principal, AND THEY CONNECTED THEM ALL TOGETHER even though are in no way connected.

That is linkage and it is how we come to see problems in society as bigger than they really are.


  1. We had a problem with the media getting part of a story and broadcasting it. Had investigated a little, they would have found that there was no story there. It was total greed to get a headline.

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