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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Look at all the crime in the news today

Los Angeles Arson Suspect Needs Deputies' Help to Stand in Court

BusinessWeek -
By Christopher Palmeri, Edvard Pettersson and Karin Matussek Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) -- A man accused of setting a series of fires that terrorized Los Angeles over New Year's weekend needed the help of deputies to stand at his first court appearance as new ...

1 officer dead, suspect wounded after Utah shooting

OGDEN, Utah (AP) - Gunfire erupted as anti-drug police served a search warrant in an Ogden neighborhood, fatally wounding one officer and injuring five other police and a suspect, authorities said.

Casey Anthony speaks out for the first time in video diary -
By Michael Inbar While Casey Anthony sightings have been scarce in the six months since she was cleared of killing her toddler daughter Caylee, the 25-year-old has resurfaced in a video that she apparently recorded herself in October.
And of course there is this!

Woman Shoots Intruder During 911 Call

 (CBS)  Oklahoma resident Donna Jackson faced a life or death situation when an intruder tried to break into her rural-area home last Friday.

Home alone, but armed with a shotgun, 57-year-old Jackson called 911 and begged for help, but police couldn't get there before the man was able to break through a glass door with a chair and patio table.

Jackson, who stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, can be heard in the call saying, "I don't want to have to kill this man, but I'll kill him graveyard dead, ma'am."

When the intruder broke through the door, Jackson dropped the phone. A minute later, Jackson was forced to shoot, and the suspect, Billy Riley, 53, was killed. According to the local district attorney's office, Jackson won't be charged with a crime. During the call, the 911 operator told Jackson it was legal for her to defend her home.


So, crime sells, right?

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