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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The stories about a woman, her dog, and a man with another dog

So I was reading a nearby newspaper yesterday and two, side-by side stories caught my eye.

The first was about a woman who, while walking her dog, was accosted by a man who ran up and tried to grope her from behind.

The woman told police she was walking her dog when a man approached her from behind and tried to grab her genital area with both hands. However, the suspect was not successful and ran away, eventually heading south on Melrose Street, police said.

This is a "serial groper" as he has done this numerous times in the area.

The second, far more disgusting than even the first, was about a woman who saw a man having sex with a dog. This is a "crime against nature," a felony. The woman went to speak with the man and when she opened the door to his mobile home, she saw him attacking the dog.

The mixed-breed female was taken to a veterinarian, who recovered a DNA sample. The man was arrested after his DNA profile matched the sample recovered from the dog.

Yes, seriously, straight out of CSI.

So this leads me back to the first case of the woman groped while walking her dog. Turns out it could have been worse, at least for the dog she was walking!

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