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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Wikipedia? The INTERNET today will be different

Imagine a government controlled Internet. That is the potential of two proposed laws in Congress. The issue is so serious that several notable websites, including Wikipedia, are shutting down today in protest.
So what is the law about and why does it matter for you? Get informed by reading the following stories from CNN, FoxNews, and Truthout.
Websites go dark to highlight protest

Websites go dark to highlight protest

Wikipedia and several websites shut down at midnight in protest of anti-piracy bills that critics say could amount to censorship. FULL STORY | BEHIND THE BLACKOUT | D.C. REACTION | WHAT IS SOPA?


Wikipedia Goes Dark to Protest Web Piracy Bills

The online encyclopedia joins other websites in 24 hour blackout to protest anti-piracy legislation in Congress

Wikipedia, Reddit to Shut Down Sites Wednesday to Protest Proposed Stop Online Piracy Act

Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!

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