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Friday, January 27, 2012

More on media propaganda

Since we are talking about media and propaganda from Chapter 1 of the book, I thought you'd like to see more on the issue. And of course there is a lot more!

Just google it and poof! Millions of readable bits of information including, of course, a wikipedia article on the media propaganda model.

As stated in class, I think the propaganda model overstates it, but the truth is closer to that than it is the democratic postulate. We are simply not being informed of the key facts we need to function as a democracy.


  1. No one wants to have a negative stigma attached to their name, character, etc. This is the same for businesses and corporations. Because of this, these organizations will wield whatever powers are necessary to "save face" in the public eye. Though these posters/images above are fun and can provide a laugh, they contain an underlying truth that it is a little frustrating to think that information is filtered so much.

  2. Great post! Media propaganda has been going on for ages. I actually published a interesting infographic in relation to how headlines in the media actually compare to what the police are actually reporting. It's a fun read!

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

    Crime, Safety, and Consumer Issues

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for that. I will use that in my classes.

    Nice work!

    Feel free to follow the blog. Crime is ALWAYS in the news, so it will be discussed here a lot.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to re-post this or share with your readers!

      Infobia---Crime, Safety, and Consumer Issues

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