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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lots of criminal justice policy in the news

From the national to the state levels, and even some local news on criminal justice policy today. What is incredible is that much of this is coming from major officials government, including state governors. Here is a summary from one article in USA Today summarizing what these articles are really about:

What happened? Dwindling public resources jump-started a movement as stressed government budgets were unable to keep pace with the rates of prosecution and incarceration. It costs the United States about $80 billion per year to house more than 2 million in jails and prisons.

Lawmakers, criminal justice officials and analysts say there is a growing philosophical component to this seismic shift that is raising fundamental questions of fairness. The vanguard of the movement - which includes such unlikely partners as Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., - for the first time in a generation is collectively acknowledging that some of the most extreme punishment policies have largely failed.

State's criminal justice system needs 'major' reform, Utahns say 5, 2014
The meeting was the second of a series of public hearings meant to facilitate discussion of criminal justice policy changes. "I'm actually very ...

Families, former inmates, experts critique Utah criminal justice system

Salt Lake Tribune-by Marissa Lang-Apr 3, 2014
The final Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice hearing for ... on how to improve the state's criminal justice policy and better serve its ...
Utahns offer input on criminal justice system reform
Deseret News-Apr 3, 2014
Explore in depth (3 more articles)

Toughness on crime gives way to fairness, cost reality

Marshfield News-Herald-Mar 30, 2014
Lawmakers, criminal justice officials and analysts say there is a growing ... has been unwinding the costly convergence of extreme penal policy ...

Cops and Economists: Contrasting yet Complementary Views on ...

EconoMonitor-1 hour ago
... unintended consequence—the way drug policy enriches criminals. ... the labor market effects of contact with the criminal justice system ...

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