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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Does it matter where you get your news?

It turns out, yes, it does. These are the lead stories from different sources today:



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It was found on Australia's coast

An "object of interest" in Flight 370 search was recovered several hours drive south of Perth, an Australian official tells CNN. FULL STORY


The absence of air pockets on the third and fourth decks of the sunken ferry all but eliminates any hope of finding survivors of the disaster in South Korea. FULL STORY

Fox News:

arrive in Poland amid Ukraine crisis

NY Times:

 Colleges Seek New Paths to Diversity After Court Ruling

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision upholding Michigan’s ban on racial preferences in admissions, many educators envision relying more heavily on criteria such as income.

General Motors Seeks to Fend Off Lawsuits on Switch

The company asked a federal bankruptcy judge to dismiss dozens of lawsuits over its handling of a defective ignition switch in millions of cars, and to bar similar cases in the future.

Washington Post:

General rebuked over bungled
sex-assault case

The commander of U.S. forces in Japan was reprimanded after letting sexual misconduct complaints slide, but despite being disciplined, he has been moved to an important Pentagon post.

Has the Navy learned from its $3.2B Marine One fiasco?

The president’s copters need upgrades, a process that will test whether the Pentagon can purchase major systems without busting budgets and deadlines.

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