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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Major changes to US criminal justice policy coming ...

Justice Department invites thousands of inmates to seek clemency

Los Angeles Times-12 hours ago
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Wednesday unveiled the most ... American drug offenders serving long sentences for nonviolent crimes. ... Obama against "seeking to change sentencing policy unilaterally.".

Obama Admin Details Historic Clemency Eligibility for Drug Offenders

Democracy Now-1 hour ago
The Justice Department will widen the criteria for clemency to ... Deputy Attorney General James Cole said the new policy is a matter of basic fairness. James Cole: "These defendants were properly held accountable for their criminal .... Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning to legally change her name.
Justice finally comes to the pardons office and perhaps to many ...
-MSNBC-Apr 23, 2014
And how does Fox News respond?

Krauthammer: Justice Department clemency initiative is 'lawlessness'

Fox News-6 hours ago
Krauthammer: Justice Department clemency initiative is ... The applicant must also be someone subject to a “substantially lower sentence” for the crime ... administration's pattern of behavior regarding many policy changes.
Krauthammer: 'This is lawlessness'
Politico-3 hours ago 
Isn't that interesting? Because in this case, they do NOT see lawlessness, even though that is precisely what it is. Instead, they see an American standing up for his rights, even though he denies the right of the USA even to exist! (though he still rides his horse holding an American flag).

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