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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Check out today's (BAD) news

I just logged on to Yahoo to check my email account and on the front page of Yahoo News were these stories:
That's a total of nine stories. Of those, five are about the police in one way or another, four are about crime, and seven of them are "bad" or "negative" stories (I'm not counting the dead man on the plane as a bad story because the passengers got discounts!).

What do you think the net effect of this constant bombardment of negativity from the media is on us consumers?

There is in fact much good news out there. But you almost never see it in the news, unless of course it is a trivial story about a celebrity or something like that.

1 comment:

  1. It's true! Good "news" is almost never reported. I think that is a reflection of our society. I find myself waiting for the commercial break to end so I can see where the court hostage situation was occurring, who got killed overnight, etc. I (sadly) admit that I would not be as inclined to wait around for a warm and fuzzy story with as much zeal. Then again, is it a reflection of me? Or is my interest a reflection of the socialization caused by the media?

    On a side note, when the SLED initiative was reported on my local news channel this morning, it was conveyed as the most recent "POLICE CRACKDOWN" in an effort to "attack crime." I couldn't help but think of Walker and his proposition regarding police crackdowns.