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Friday, September 16, 2011

FBI sees all Muslims as terrorists

A stunning story, just stunning.

Now we know the CIA AND FBI track people--AMERICAN citizens--because of their religious beliefs, without any evidence whatsoever of involvement of criminal activity.


  1. To see all Muslims as terrorists is too bad. It hurts people's feelings.
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  2. This article seems to condemn the whole Federal Bureau of Investigation for what could be one employee's biased lesson plan. The question is whether the Bureau authorized his lesson plan, or was he entrusted to develop and teach the training. The difference is whether the organization as a whole stepped out of bounds, or one employee went over the edge.

    No organization is without problem employees. I cannot condemn them for what appears to be a single issue.

    The author of the article has taken a small piece of an enormous organization and applied a general conclusion, which seems to be the media sensationalizing something to incite readers.