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Monday, September 26, 2011

What is in the news today?

Here are your top stories on CNN.COM:


So of these top 15 stories, at least 4 deal with crime. That's 27%, and these stories include a person being decapitated, 5 people being murdered, a biker who started a fight that killed someone, and a gunman shooting near a school.

Many of the same stories are over at as well, plus these:

 Ticket fixing and racial language in the NYPD? No way.

And over at Fox News?

Of their top 16 stories, 7 deal with crime. That is 44% of the stories! They include stories about terrorism, torture, murder, shooting down a plane, theft, murder, and a video game related shooting.

Now you know what Americans value. Or at least what the news media think we value, based on what they continue to show us. So we can clearly conclude ...

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