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Friday, September 9, 2011

In honor of 9/11

So ten years have finally gone by.

People ask me, out of all my research into the 9/11 attacks, what stands out to me the most?

And there are two things, actually, that do:

1) We knew these kinds of attacks were coming, and even took precautions against them for years and years. Yet, our leaders still say that they did not nor could not have ever imagined something like this.

2) People who would end up IN THE GW BUSH WHITE HOUSE wrote that without a "new Pearl Harbor" type attack, their goals would take a long time to achieve. And poof, we got a new Pearl Harbor type attack and they then launched their strategy of military invasions including the toppling of the Saddam Hussein regime.
Class notes: The Project for a New American Century (Powerpoint format)
The Neo-Cons (a timeline) (MS Word document -- doc format)

Ideally, this would be the story on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

But of course it will not be. Because the mainstream media are owned by large corporations who follow proven ways of packaging and selling stories.

So we'll learn about lives lost and lives hurt by the 9/11 attacks. But we will not learn why they happened, how easily they could have been stopped, and why the people charged with protecting our country from such attacks failed us.

That thus becomes the job of the alternative media. This weekend, check out and I bet they will have some of these stories.

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  1. Much of the weight of this year's ceremonies lies in what will largely go unspoken. Ken Foote, author of "Shadowed Ground: America's Landspaces of Violence and Tragedy," states, "These anniversaries are particularly critical in figuring out what this all means. It fores people to figure out what happened to us,". Too bad mainstream media and the government will not see it that way and only remember and feel sad.