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Monday, September 19, 2011

So raising taxes on the rich is "class warfare," huh?

So suggest politicians on CNN and Fox News:


The principle behind the president's plan is for wealthy people and corporations to pay more in taxes and to bear some of the burden of debt reduction. FULL STORY

Fox News:

Obama Deficit Plan Will Have $1.2T in Tax Hikes

Deficit reduction strategy will likely draw fire from Republicans who have ruled out taxes as way of cutting debt


So what do we call it when incredibly wealthy people commit widespread fraud on Wall Street and in the nation's largest banks and credit rating agencies, leading to an economic recession and declines in real wages for the middle class and cuts in services to the poor and vulnerable?

Oh, that's just "capitalism" I guess.

You think the media would at least raise this issue.

It's pretty simple, actually. Here is what actually happened.

Congress cut taxes under President Bush. Then they authorized two major wars, neither of which was actually declared OR paid for.

The result of less money coming in and more money going out is entirely predictable--a growing debt. 

At the same time, regulation of big business was lax (and did NOT meaningfully increase). The result of the lax regulation is entirely predictable--the worst oil spill in US history and a major economic recession caused by unrestrained greed among the nation's elite.

So Obama proposes some solutions to try to fix the problem and they call him a "socialist" and assert he is engaging in "class warfare." And the media just report it with no analysis whatsoever.

No wonder we are so unable to understand all the ways we normal folks are being screwed. And no wonder we fall for this nonsense.

It's called "false consciousness." Google it.


  1. Well, I did not realize how great Warren Buffet is. The "Buffet Rule" sounds great. It only affects 0.3% of Americans, who must own a big chunk of the media to get such a reaction. The guys on television are not the 0.3% of the wealthiest people, so they must be working for them.

    I am all for passing the "Buffet Rule."

  2. Hmmmm let's see.....War on Drugs, War on Poverty, now Class Warfare! The elite deviants have been on a 40 year crusade to ensure the progress made by the middle class in the latter half of the 20th century is stopped in its tracks. The widening gap between the wealthy and the poor attest to their collusion strategy with elected officials they support. The media which use to reveal now revels instead. The media generates so much "noise", real news gets drowned out.