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Monday, September 12, 2011

The National Criminal Justice Commission is STILL in the news

Read it!

The National Criminal Justice Commission Act would go a long way toward changing the way we deal with crime in the US:

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  1. It sounds like Senator Webb has been reading Samuel Walker's books. I was not aware of the legislation. It sounds very hopeful for us in the criminal justice field. Right now, we are just spinning our wheels. A lot of work in law enforcement is wasted effort. I am sure that it is the same for every part of the network. Something has to change. The state and county budgets cannot continue to max out the jails and prisons.

    The author quoted Webb saying, “You treat the people who need to be treated and incarcerate the people who need to be incarcerated.” I see the problem of identifying those individuals. Other programs have not done so well at that, and it does not say how they will do it.

    It does sound like the program in Fairfax is on the right track, but it will need to be verified.