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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Has terrorism become a "joke" in the US?

In the past several weeks, I've read about numerous terrorist plots intercepted by law enforcement agencies. Each and every one of them involved people who were being monitored closely while they made their plans. And each and every one of them involved people who acquired bomb making materials from the US government (e.g., the FBI), where the bomb making materials were actually not real but were fakes!

The government then arrests the people for intending to commit terrorism and conspiracy to commit terrorism, even though there was never actually a danger (because the bombs were fake).

And now there is this story, titled: "US man planned to blow up Pentagon."

How? With model airplanes!

From the story:

Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested in Framingham, Massachusetts, after undercover federal agents delivered materials he had allegedly requested, including grenades, six machine guns and what he believed was 24 pounds of C-4 explosive. Federal officials said the public was never in danger from the explosives, which it said were always under control and closely monitored.

Wednesday's arrest was similar to other cases in which reputed would-be terrorists were caught in sting operations that revolved around fictional plots against various targets, such as Dallas skyscapers or a Chicago nightclub. In this case, though, authorities say Ferdaus planned the scheme.

According to a federal affidavit, Ferdaus, 26, of Ashland, became convinced America was evil through jihadi websites and videos, and began planning "jihad" against the U.S. in early 2010. He contacted a federal informant that December and months later, allegedly began meeting to discuss the plot with undercover federal agents he believed were members of al-Qaida.

Ferdaus said he wanted to deal a psychological blow to the "enemies of Allah" by hitting the Pentagon, which he called "head and heart of the snake," according to the affidavit.

"Allah has given us the privilege," he allegedly told the informant. "... He punishes them by our hand. We're the ones."


When you add all of these cases to the guy that left a bomb in his SUV in Times Square that merely smoked instead of exploded, the man who tried to light his shoes on fire aboard a plane but was "bitch slapped" by fellow passengers, and the fellow who tried to light his underwear on fire aboard another plan but merely burned his own crotch, and you start to wonder just how competent are these people we are fighting? And why are we spending so much money to do it?

Here's hoping these "terrorists" continue to be so incompetent!

Be on the lookout for model airplanes flying the sky. Terrorists may be operating them with plans to blow up your house.
Seriously? This is the evidence in the case?

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