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Friday, August 2, 2013

So, THIS is news?

Wanna' know what you might have missed on CNN?

This is from there "In case you missed it" section:

Nine links. Eight stories. Five that deal with crime or death.
Meanwhile, there is nothing on elite deviance and the lead story is about al-Qaeda.
Remember them?
So which of the following is more deadly?
A) Tobacco
B) Defective products
C) Hazardous working conditions
D) Al Qaeda terrorism
The answer: A. Then B. Then C. Then D.
Yet D is the lead story and there are none on A, B, or C.
Oh yeah, and then there is this:
Stay relevant CNN.

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  1. I apologize, I don't have any comments about your post. However, I am looking for some help for an assignment for one of my classes pertaining to media and criminal justice. I am looking for comments from anyone who has an opinion. Questions:
    *What kind of discrepancies do you believe occur within a case compared to how it is reported by the media to the public?
    *What do you believe crime reporters consider to be important when reporting crimes and what is acceptable to leave out?
    *Does anyone know the main issues that a crime reporter faces?
    *What do you believe it takes for a reporter to consider a story "good"?
    *Do you believe there is much confirmation of information while investigating a story?
    *In terms of whether a story is newsworthy, how important do you think a gender of a victim or defendant is? How about age? Physical appearance? Economic status? Race/Ethnicity? Celebrity status?

    For this assignment we were preferably supposed to get an interview with a media crime reporter, but after numerous emails and no responses, I thought this would be an interesting route to get differing opinions from the public. Any help would be greatly appreciated!