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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top stories in USA Today right now

So how many of the top stories in the USA Today newspaper--the most widely read newspaper in America--do you think deal with crime?

Here the top five stories on the website this morning:
Report: Family of DiMaggio wants paternity tests

Other Top News

So the top story is about the family of kidnapping and murder suspect James Dimaggio, who want paternity tests conducted to see if he is the father of the teenage girl he abducted and her slain 8-year-old brother.

And of the next four top stories, all of them are about crime and criminal justice.

Incredible, no?

Yes, this is good for job security, but not for one's state of mind. Nor does it help one be informed in today's world.

Our fixation on crime and the worst in people is not good for us. It's that simple.

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