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Monday, August 5, 2013

Are you afraid yet?

As you know, terrorism is news, even when it does NOT happen.

Take today's lead story on Fox News. It is serves as a reminder of the threat, even as Americans go about their business with generally little thought or fear of terrorism.

'Specific' & 'Serious' Terror Threat

You probably know--maybe even from this blog--about the freedoms we've lost as part of the war on terror. But a recent poll found that a majority of Americans do not worry about giving up their right to privacy, for example, as long as it will help prevent terrorism here.

The threat overseas is interesting, but one has to wonder why some people (e.g., Fox News commentators) get so upset about the loss of life in foreign countries (e.g., Benghazi, Libya) when the people who work there obviously know the dangerous conditions in which they work?

Check out how much Fox News has devoted to that story.

Incredibly, a large portion of Republicans as well as conservatives call this the largest scandal that has ever occurred in the nation, yet many do not even know in which country it occurred! See?

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