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Friday, August 30, 2013

US getting ready to go to war again?

.... according to mainstream media accounts of it, it seems that way.

"War" again ... but not declared.

Gotta' problem with that?

Some people do, including many members of Congress ...

From Truthout:

... "at least 162 Members of the House of Representatives, including 64 Democrats, have done at least one of the following things in the last few days: 1) signed a letter initiated by California Democrat Barbara Lee saying that there must be Congressional debate and vote before war with Syria; 2) signed a letter initiated by Virginia Republican Scott Rigell saying that there must be Congressional debate and vote before war with Syria 3) issued a statement calling for a Congressional debate and vote before war with Syria. I don’t claim that this count is exhaustive. If you know of other examples, please share them in the comments."

What are the mainstream media outlets saying about this?

Not much. Instead:

White House making case on Syria

U.N. inspectors start leaving Syria

AS SUPPORT FOR a missile strike on Syria wanes, President Obama has other options under his 'red line' doctrine — options that his top advisers put on the table months ago.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Kerry Says Clear Evidence Chemical Weapons Used
  • CLASH OF CONVICTIONS: In Face of Failure to Rally Allies on Syria, Obama Pursues Policy He Once Staunchly Opposed
  • FOX NEWS FIRST: Solo Stand on Syria | HOWARD KURTZ: Media Launch Preemptive Strike on Obama
  • Delay in Strike Giving Assad Time to Move Military Hardware, Sources Say

  • The inspectors collected samples at the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, a U.N. spokesman says. Secretary of State Kerry is speaking about Syria now.FULL STORY

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