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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's in the news, whats' not

First, what is in the news?

Violent teens kill someone "just because." Yep, that is news.

Teens charged as adults in shooting

Cops: Man slain by teens, just because

A random act of violence has left a promising 23-year-old college baseball player dead, a family devastated and two countries rattled. FULL STORYFULL STORY
Random violence and dangerous street criminals? Yep, that is news.
What about widespread corporate crime? The links between corporate offenders and our own government? The policies they created that allow it to occur? The people they hire to "regulate" (cough cough) the offenders?
Nope, not in the news. Unless you look at alternative sources such as Truthout. For example:

Not Too Big to Jail: Why Eliot Spitzer Is Wall Street's Worst Nightmare

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt | News Analysis
Eliot Spitzer in Union Square, New York, July 8, 2013. Eliot Spitzer in Union Square, New York, July 8, 2013. (Photo: Timothy Krause)Before Eliot Spitzer’s infamous resignation as governor of New York in March 2008, he was one of our fiercest champions against Wall Street corruption, in a state that had some of the toughest legislation for controlling the banks. It may not be a coincidence that the revelation of his indiscretions with a high-priced call girl came less than a month after he published a bold editorial in the Washington Post titled “Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States from Stepping in to Help Consumers.” The editorial exposed the collusion between the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street in deregulating the banks in the guise of regulating them, by taking regulatory power away from the states.
Just more evidence for the importance of independent media!

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