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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stories NOT in the news today

Here are some important news stories and serious media analyses that are NOT in the mainstream news today.

The first is about the shift from a social welfare state (where we aim to help our fellow citizens by providing for their general welfare, as noted in our nation's founding documents) to a social control state (where we aim to control everything people do in order to protect them from serious threats
(both imagined or manufactured and real).

The second is about the growing and impressive power of large banks (the very actors who were found to be responsible for crashing the US economy in 2008).

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2013 0827aa1

The Leveraged Buyout of America

Now you won't see these stories in the mainstream news (since they are owned and operated by large corporations. But you will see them in and hear about them in TruthOut, PBS, NPR, ProPublica, etc.

So use those sources as much as you can.

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