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Friday, February 17, 2012

All that matters in Boone: Crime and sports

You can see it from the local news, every single day. They are the only two issues that are covered here.

What does this say about us as a people that we either: a) only care about these issues; or b) care about other issues but don't demand that the local media cover them?!?!?!

Vigils Planned, Search Continues for DaraTwo vigils, one planned for Mount Pleasant and one for Boone, will be held for those expressing their love and concern for Dara Lee Watson and the Watson family. The Boone vigil is at 7pm on King Street, where friends and anyone interested can express themselves by bringing a note, picture,Full Story
Mabel Community Thanked for Water Crisis ResponseSuperintendent, Dr. Dick Jones, opened Monday evening’s Board of Education meeting by expressing thanks to many people for their response to the concern over potentially contaminated water at Mabel Elementary School.Full Story
UPDATE: Surveillance Photos Released in Boone Business Break-InBoone investigators converged on the scene of the Gold & Closeout Connection on East King Street where a smash and grab type of break-in occurred this morning. The alarm sounded there at 3:28 this morning with the front door forced, and police were on the scene within two minutes,Full Story
ASU Adds Two Assistant Coaches Appalachian State University football head coach Jerry Moore announced on Thursday that Dwayne Ledford and Bryan Brown have officially joined the ASU staff as assistant coaches. Ledford will serve as Appalachian’s offensive line coach and Brown will be an assistant coachFull Story


  1. I think that people do care about other issues, but they aren’t demanding that they be covered.
    There may be many reasons for why they don’t insist upon different topics being in the news. It could be that people don’t know how to get their voice heard, or they think that their opinion won’t make a difference. This is often a problem for people and can often be seen around voting time. Citizens believe that one voice does not make a difference, and that can make it hard for us to hear about issues that are important when those with information do not share because of fear or thoughts of insignificance.
    Another reason could be focused around what we have been discussing recently in class, the issue of laws and lawmaking not being fully covered. Maybe citizens don’t have enough knowledge about an issue to demand that it be covered. For instance, if people knew about the negatives concerning the USA PATRIOT Act, they would demand that it be covered by the media. Because local news usually isn’t run by corporations, it should be easier to get stories other than crimes and sports out; however, that usually is not the case. Local newspapers and television stations, although not run by large corporations, have to keep in mind that their advertisers will not advertise on a controversial article.
    I believe that we, as citizens, do want to hear about things other than the latest football game and local break in. However, we have to recognize that most Americans don’t see themselves as having the ability to make a difference, many don’t even know how to get their voice heard, and most people aren’t even aware of the issues that need to be addressed in local news. I don’t know if this will ever change, and for now we must rely on those that understand the effect that the media has on criminal justice to make changes for us.

  2. Actually the local media ARE owned by corporations, so profit motive matters there too.

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