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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your local news in Boone

See? Even in Boone, NC, it's all about crime.

Here are your top stories:

Lenoir Teen Arrested in Assault on Two Boone WomenBoone Police have charged a Lenoir man in that Saturday morning assault of two women, followed from the lot of the Cook Out restaurant on Blowing Rock Road. In what the police release call “a notable assault incident,” Ketoine Jamahl Mitchell, 19 of Lenoir,Full Story
Watson Search Continues in Two AreasThere was a two-front search for Dara Lee Watson yesterday, an effort at the property she shared with fiancĂ© David Hedrick, and in the Francis Marion National Forest, where her GMC SUV was found just over a week ago. Other details surfaced yesterday, like that friends arriving at Hedrick’s house in Mount PleasantFull Story
Guns Taken in Early Morning Boone Break-InBoone investigators converged on the Gold & Closeout store on East King Street where a smash and grab type of break-in occurred this morning. The alarm sounded there at 3:28 this morning, and police were on the scene within two minutes,Full Story
SECOND Fire Set at Old WHS Overnight; Three ChargedA second fire was apparently set at the Old Watauga High early this morning, and three suspects have been arrested and charged. Watauga deputies and Boone Police responded at 1:13 to 400 High School DriveFull Story
Smile! You've been arrested!


  1. Stories like this fuel the misconceptions people have of crime. These stories can relate to two main misconceptions. The first is that most people, when thinking of crime, think of violent crime. The second is that people are afraid of street crime. These misconceptions cause people to fear for their personal safety and property. If only the media gave us a broader range of news that didn't always focus on crime. Maybe then people wouldn't get so worked up about the wrong things!

  2. As much crime that is covered in local news papers in Boone, and through the university, I find it incredible that the media has not managed to create a moral panic. It's like the media is telling us that there are very few things we should be concerned about in Boone: local businesses, ASU athletics, and crime. It is incredible we still feel that Boone is a safe place with all the crime stories popping up in the news. Are we the exception to the rule?