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Monday, February 20, 2012

A look at the leads stories of various news organizations

New York Times:

Strike on Iran Seen as a Huge Task for Israeli Air Power

An attack would take at least 100 planes, American defense officials and military analysts said, and take far more time than earlier strikes on nuclear sites in Syria and Iraq.

Washington Post:

Gingrich records show contradictory stances

(Joe Holloway, Jr. / AP)
An examination of the papers collected over nearly three decades reveals a politician of moderate-to-liberal beginnings, a product of the civil rights era who moved to the right with an eye on political expediency and privately savaged Republicans — such as Reagan — he praised in public.

USA Today:

Economic crisis slows U.S. population growth

Downturn's effect on birth and immigration lingers.MORE: World population hits 7BU.S.: Cities show declines


Israel has made it clear it is thinking about attacking Tehran's nuclear infrastructure. Iran has warned it may block the strait used by oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. FULL STORY
Zakaria: Israel, don't strike Iran

Major props to the New York Times and to CNN for making the TOP STORY an international one that has serious implications for Americans. Not sure what to make of Fox News' lead story titled, "Test tube meat to be available this fall ..."

That is just weird.

Their next top three stories are also "not critical."

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