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Friday, February 24, 2012

Newsweek magazine says "blame the media" ...

for the Tourettes Symptoms at Le Roy High School!

Some 20 girls are sick. And according to Newsweek, it is "conversion disorder" caused by hype in the media.

Hey Newsweek, you're quite possibly making it worse!


  1. We know the media is supposed to act as a watchdog, so it's nice that one media source is calling out other media sources. Unfortunately, this attention only makes the issue more of an issue. Was Newsweek's reason for bringing up the tourettes symptoms a way to really call blame on the media or just a roundabout way to talk about this problem among teenage girls? They have now opened the opportunity to give their opinion on this issue, so one must wonder if they really wanted to call out the media or if they just wanted to be a part of the conversation.