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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pop musicians MOCK domestic violence

So Chris Brown kicks the crap out of Rihanna.

Don't you remember the story from the news?

This guy ...

Did this to this woman ...

And now the two, still making music, have released some recent music together via Twitter to their millions of followers.

Some of the music is reportedly raunchy and suggests the two are back together, even after serious domestic violence for which Brown is still on probation.

"Something is not right with them," says Natalie Hopkinson, a contributing editor at The Root. "These are two deeply disturbed individuals that probably need to get off Twitter and spend some time on someone's couch, working it out."

But fans say it is ok with them:

Cherice McGlone, a sophomore at Howard University, says: "I feel like they've been back together for a while, but they're just now letting the public know. I'm cool with it. I love black love."

She adds: "The main goals of the songs were money, publicity. 'Why not draw attention to my song, generate more revenue?' I would do it," she says. "Makes more money, you know? The public is gonna eat that up. Whether good or bad, the public is gonna be talking about it."

And Howard sophomore Earl King agreed: "They did it for love, cause they do love each other," he says. "They're gonna make money off it too — good money. And it might cause some backlash, but their fans are gonna support them."

So let's get this straight. A guy kicks the crap out of his girlfriend. He is punished for it. Then the two of them release songs together suggesting they are getting back together--and they probably are not because this is probably just a publicity stunt orchestrated for money--and yet the fans are still going to eat it all up!?!?

And the media are not only going to provide means they use to do it (i.e., music via Twitter), but the media are also going to tell us all about it!?!? Even NPR?



  1. The media definitely has better things to do and report on than two washed out artists who couldn't sing better than my nine year-old niece without "electrical enhancements." How about reporting on two people who actually matter to us and the information we are provided with? I am of course talking about Marie Colvin and Remi Olchik, both journalists who were shelled to death in Syria.
    Perhaps more troubling, this type of behavior and reporting clearly acknowledges that Americans are fine with beating their wives and girlfriends, as there has been no universal uproar denouncing the reunion of beater and beatee. Maybe I am just cynical of society as a whole, but clearly our priorities are out of whack if we would give these two endless amounts of cash, but not victims of world hunger or displaced people due to war. Our money could be spent in so many other, better ways.

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