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Monday, February 27, 2012

School shooting, 1 dead

EDIT: A second student died this morning as a result of his injuries in this shooting.

EDIT, again: A third student died later from injuries. Horrible to be sure, but it is three people compared to ...

1,205 people died from tobacco.

Nothing about that in the news.

Here are your leading causes of death in the US PER YEAR:

Heart disease: 599,413
Cancer: 567,628
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 137,353

Many of those are due to tobacco use.

Where do school shootings rank on this list?


"Die. All of you." His words on Facebook the day before the shooting.


  1. It's not in the article that you linked, but I read one shortly after this happened that perfectly framed the shooter as the "loner, outcast who was bullied". I also read that he specifically targeted a single lunch table of kids who had bullied him making this not the typical "active shooter" killing indiscriminately. I hesitate to speculate further without knowing more details, that I'm sure will be coming tomorrow.

  2. Yes this will be in the news for some time, and that is a good connection to the narrative of the school shooter!

  3. Whoa. horrible news! I'll keep watching to know more about the issue.

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