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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time Magazine AGAIN shields poor American eyes from world events

This is a great reminder of a lesson from the book about how the mainstream media in the US ignore world events, even though they don't do this around the world.

And why are we so unprepared for things that hit us right in the face even when we should have seen them coming? Could it be due to their ignoring of important world events in favor of the trivial?

Thanks media!


  1. How very funny! I certainly have a different perspective on this as I lived in London for about a year and believe me, the media there is full of world events, more so than local events. It's sad when a majority of the public in London can name the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, Scotland, the United States, Russia, etc., but most citizens in Boone can't even name their own governor. Admittedly though, TIME is certainly more on target with exposing the United States to world events than most news companies, but I would have to say NPR does it best. Going back to the propaganda filters, world events just don't sell in America unless it is a bloody war or a country developing nuclear weapons. The media doesn't report on world events because it won't win them advertising dollars, not because they think Americans are too fragile. It's a sad truth, but that is the reality we live in. At least there is always the internet to get access to the news I really want to see =)

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