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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Checking in with Newsweek

We've been long-time subscribers to Newsweek magazine, but it is no longer in print.

It's all part of the news media's shrinking presence, well at least with regard to print sources.

But the "magazine" is still online.

Here are their current top stories:

Go Big or Stay Home

On Syria, there aren’t many good options. But the president has chosen the worst of them all.

Too Radical for the Taliban

A high-level fighter accuses his fellow militants of going soft—and engineers a schism that could have major consequences for Afghanistan.
It's interesting the the top stories are about Syria and Afghanistan. They never did this with their print version. I'd call it refreshing and important.
But I wonder how many, errrrr, few people even go to the Newsweek website anymore???

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