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Friday, September 13, 2013

In today's random crime and violence stories ...

... we see these gems in the mainstream news:

4 found dead in car on rural road
13-year-old girl bitten by shark  13-year-old girl bitten by shark
Synthetic drugs' scary reality  Synthetic drugs' scary reality
Teens zap kitty in microwave, post it  Teens zap kitty in microwave, post it
Man plotted to eat kids, feds say
Cops: Home had child-size coffin  Cops: Home had child-size coffin
Students flee district after teachers defend molester
You wonder what the point of these stories is, don't you?

I mean, what do you gain by knowing that these things occurred, especially if they occurred nowhere near you or your town.

Is the point simply to scare the heck out of you? To divert your attention away from other, far more serious issues and harms?

What do you think?

Please tell me you're not letting your kids watch this nonsense

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