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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The human element of attacks

Tweleve people were murdered at a Navy Yard in Washington, DC.

And now we are learning about each and every one of them.

I learned today that one victim was a "really great man." About another I learned he had nine grandchildren!

Each victim is having his or her story told in the mainstream news.

A comment by an NBC "reporter" (on the Today Show, so is he more like a "commentator"?) was something like: "These people were killed at work. People don't expect their loved ones, when they go off to work, to die at work after doing nothing wrong."


So how about the 5,000 that die at work due to being injured so seriously that they die from their injuries?

Or the 50,000 that get sick enough at work that it eventually kills them?

Many of these deaths are due to negligence and recklessness of the corporations that employ them.

So what about their stories?

Here is yet another example of the news creating misconceptions about crime and what is dangerous.

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