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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You think this is a post about that black guy that shot up the Washington Navy yard ...

... but it's not.

Not really.

Instead, it's about that black guy who was injured in a car accident, then sought help from a white woman at her house (she called 9 1 1 on him and said she thought he was breaking in), and then he was shot at 12 times by a police officer and hit 10 times (and killed).

Police: Cop shot unarmed man in Charlotte 10 times (blog)-2 hours ago
By Marti Maguire, Reuters. RALEIGH, N.C. — Civil rights leaders in North Carolina are calling for crime scene video evidence to be made ...

NC cop accused of shooting man 10 times due in court
CBS News-1 hour ago
Family of Man Shot by Charlotte Cop Wants Answers
ABC News-18 hours ago
Charlotte police kill ex-FAMU player who may have been running to ...
Highly Cited-CNN-Sep 15, 2013

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