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Friday, September 27, 2013

Global Warming in the News

Interesting times we live in, no?

Fox News and Rush Limbaugh talk almost every day about how global warming is a myth.

Yet, the lead story on CNN right now is this one:

Watch this video

5 things to know on climate change

The world's getting hotter, the seas are rising and the U.N. climate change report says humans are the likely cause. FULL STORY

You should know that, in spite of what any one person thinks or news organization suggests, 97% of studies drawing a conclusion of whether global warming is real and man made, find that it is.

So there is consensus.

Which is why you'd expect this to be news.

And it is. At least on CNN.

As for Fox? This was the lead story on Fox News yesterday for a bit:
Lost jobs? How about lost people? More fires? etc.
And Rush Limbaugh?

He routinely calls it a hoax.

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