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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abortion in the news

... but not for what you might think.

This doctor allegedly induced labor in women and then killed the babies with scissors.

At least seven babies died. As did one woman.

foul-smelling "house of horrors" that was overlooked by regulators for years was charged Wednesday with murder, accused of delivering seven babies alive and then using scissors to kill them.
Note this part of the story:
" ... described by the district attorney as a filthy, foul-smelling "house of horrors" that was overlooked by regulators for years ... prosecutors said Pennsylvania regulators ignored complaints of barbaric conditions at Gosnell's clinic ..."

So this is yet another example of failed government regulation?

And some Americans think we need less government regulation rather than more?


  1. I believe that the media should have been covering this story a long time ago. I know there are good reporters out there that could have made this news public, therefore creating a buzz that the Pennsylvania regulators would have been unable to ignore. This was not some big corporation that reporters might feel would sue them if they came forward with this story, so why were these killings going 'unnoticed' for so long? Another way this situation could be prevented is just doing away with abortions altogether. No way can this be the only doctor performing these types of illegal abortions. I'm sure there are other stories similar to this that reporters and media personnel choose to keep on the hush hush. And as for having more or less government regulation, I really believe it depends on the issue at hand. In this case, more government regulation should have been a must.

  2. I have several things to say to this, first of all this has no reason to be listed under abortion news, this is downright murder. To remove a living thing and then proceed to kill it with scissors is horrible honestly just the thought of this makes me beyond angry. Secondly, I must agree with the post above me in one aspect at least. If the people who were supposed to be keeping an eye on this place wouldn't do anything about it, then there should have been some sort of of reporter who could have reported on this and gotten people talking. Then something may have gotten done quicker and lives may have been saved.

  3. I have to whole-heartedly agree with sno_boarder on the fact that this is a murder case, not an abortion case, plain and simple. Not only were babies delivered and murdered, some women also lost their lives as well. It is truly beyond me how this man's practice was ignored even after 46 lawsuits!

    As far as the media's portrayal of this, I can't help but be a little frustrated because it gives focus to the wrong part of the debate (in my opinion, of course). It gives anti-abortion activists a horrific case to use; no doubt this will be a case sited for years to come; instead of focusing on the failings of the system that is meant to keep us safe. Not to mention, if abortions were criminalized, I would predict that clinics like this would be far more numerous. I'm not sure if that point has come up on the news as I'm not a big consumer of mainstream media.

    On another note, from this article I gather that this doctor primarily served economically disadvantaged people due to the comment that "white women from the suburbs" were treated differently. I would wager that if middle to upper class women would have been the key demographic this would have ended a loooong time ago. Hooray for increasing income disparity!!

  4. This story is just sick. This is not an abortiona at all it is murder, in the cruelest sense. Those babies were helpless and did not deserve this just for being born. Instead of being killed if the mothers were going to deliver them in the first place why not just put them up for adoption. I feel like people forget this option a lot if the time, but there are pleanty of people who would have loved to show these babies real love. Plus if these mothers went this long being pregnant it is not like everyone they knew did not know thay were pregnant. People who kill babies should be in jail!

  5. I agree with everyone in the fact that it IS murder and not just abortion. I don't understand why state regulators ignored complaints about Gosnell's "practice". Forty-five lawsuits were filed against the doctor and they still didn't do a thing? Why? What is the point in turning the other cheek? The doctor never even finished his residency and none of his staff was medically-trained flag right there. I would like to know who was behind the scenes (in law enforcement) on Gosnell's side. This leaves me pretty speechless, especially to know that most mothers didn't know their babies had been born alive then killed after.