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Monday, January 24, 2011

No more lethal injection?

It's national and international news.
The US has no more of its supplies of the drugs we need to kill murderers. And there is no company in that makes them in the US.

From the article:

"The sole American manufacturer of an anesthetic widely used in lethal injections said Friday that it would no longer produce the drug, a move likely to delay more executions and force states to adopt new drug combinations.

"The manufacturer, Hospira, of Lake Forest, Ill., had originally planned to resume production of the drug, sodium thiopental, this winter at a plant in Italy, giving state corrections departments hope that the scarcity that began last fall would ease.

"But the Italian authorities said they would not permit export of the drug if it might be used for capital punishment. Hospira said in a statement Friday that its aim was to serve medical customers, but that “we could not prevent the drug from being diverted to departments of corrections” and the company did not want to expose itself to liability in Italy.

"Hospira does not have domestic facilities that can make sodium thiopental, said Daniel Rosenberg, a spokesman, and has decided to “exit the market.” No other American companies manufacture the drug, which has largely been supplanted by alternatives in hospitals but is used by 34 of the 35 states that use lethal injection to carry out the death penalty."

Just another cost of outsourcing jobs!


  1. This one is simple! Use the alternative methods of execution that most states still have on the books, but are never used. The cheapest way would be to string them up outside the courthouse. All they need is a rope and a tree. The firing squad is another route, but bullets can get expensive after a while.

  2. So we still live in America right Wade? Sounds like you want to live in Saudi Arabia or China or a place like that.

  3. haha well we do still live in the USA which is why this surprised me so much. This country is ruled by capitalism, and with that being said I bet that the moment this story was off the press some rich guy broke ground on a new factory that will now become the sole producer of this drug. If theres money to be made theres someone out there in this country willing to make it, no matter how dirty they get picking up that dollar

  4. Ironic that we have to rely on foreign countries to fund our own capital punishment, given that it costs millions of our tax dollars before we even get to the point of execution (by lethal injection or any means) to fund the initial trial, up to ten appeals, and housing of the criminal