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Monday, January 24, 2011

It is crimes that this that get followed all the way to trial

The vast majority of crimes get no media coverage.

Those that lead to arrest are regularly reported in the news.

And those that make it to trial sometimes make it too.

Crime like this. At least on Fox News.

Me thinks they want us to stay afraid of folks like this.

1 comment:

  1. I would agree with you when you say that you think fox wants us to be afraid of people like that. I try not to lean too far either way ( left or right ), but it seems pretty simple to see what's on fox news's agenda here. Just like from the book fox news is an inner circle company, meaning they play a big role in the way news is controlled and distributed. It makes since why fox would push a story like this. They want to fuel the anti-middle eastern attitude. Fox pushes a story like this to please it's right wing supporters. Is this a big deal? Yeah sure it is to people involved in that family or situation. But like you were saying the other day in class this is really not going to effect us at all. I'm you know while foxes supporters would want to fuel the fire in a story like this. Since we are at war with a country in the region. And who for the most part pushes this war? Oh yeah you guessed it. There are some large generalizations in my argument, I realize this. But to the point at hand. Since there are only 5 or 6 corporations controling our intake information, it seems as though every story published has a certain goal directed at persuading the American public in one way or another. I dont have my book with me at the moment but, I believe it says that the first filter of media was profit seeking. Well when you think about it, at least to me, if a company is not going to spend the time and money to report news that is important and only going to broadcast worthless crap that ends up being a bonifyed advertisement is it even worth watching? While I do realize that watching the news is important and I think people will always do it, where do you draw the line? Who's really running America?