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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jon Stewart takes on right-wing media

Before you watch the video below, remember, this guy is a comedian.

Doing a fake news show.

It's a shame that it takes a comedian doing a fake news show to counter the propaganda of other "news" sources. Watching the clip below makes me realize that some of the folks in the news literally just don't even know what they are saying when they say it.

For example, I'm pretty sure that if people on my news network repeatedly called people Nazis or compared so many things to Nazis, I would at least know better than to call people from other networks out for it.

Here is the video:


  1. Wow, he got right down to it. He pointed out many things we learned in class. First a democrat says one comment with comparing repeating a lie enough it could be compared to the Nazi's. Fox news jumped this comment as soon as they can. They claimed they were being compared to as Nazi's. However, Fox News has made many references to Obama's supporters as Nazi's. Like we learned in class, the news media takes and twist things to say what they want them to. You actually have to dig deeper into the matter to know the real truth.

  2. That is too funny... and sad.

  3. First thing to point out is that Stewart is a comedian but its bad when he is voted the "most trusted name in news." Funny...yes, pathetic...absolutely. Glenn Beck and O'Riley have become the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of hatred, with Rubert Murdoch supplying 24 hours of hate a day. And yet, Fox News is by far the most watched cable news station in the country even though most (maybe all) is opinion based. So why does Murdoch allow all this? Its The loudest and most abrasive get heard while the level headed people get pushed to the back (usually CNN). Thats why I constantly watch the Daily Show. Even though its fake news, they do a great job of taking video evidence and catch Fox with the pants down. My only wish is that Stewart could be allowed a show on one of the big networks such as ABC or CBS where he could reach a bigger audience.