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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's the corporation stupid

An argument about why the problem with the media is corporate, not violence:

"The real problem with the media is not overt violence, but an unchecked market that churns out content strictly for bucks. The only solutions, then, are far more radical: the establishment of a truly public broadcasting system, as opposed to the limp vessels of PBS and NPR. Let the corporate-owned networks program whatever garbage they like. Providing true alternatives to commercial media would give viewers more choices. And even if a fraction of the audience watches the alternative channels, their presence would help put things in perspective, onscreen and off."


  1. I have to agree that the media being a big business is bad, but i think that more blame should come to the viewer. They would not be making money if we were not watching things like this. But since the reader/viewer/whatever wants only the bad news or the violent news then that is what gets the viewers and thats what is going to get funding. It is just like why people watch nascar races, not to see who wins or cars turning left, they watch to see the crash.

  2. Good point about NASCAR crashes. No doubt we consumers share the blame. But it is also true that our choices are pretty limited now. We'll talk about this more in class.