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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reaction to Obama's State of the Union address

President Obama gave his 'State of the Union" address last night. I watched it, like I have with every president since I've been an aware human being.

It was a very good speech. On Facebook immediately afterward, I have him a B+. I'll stick with that this morning. (I wanted to see a bi-partisan type speech, and that is what I saw).

He stressed about 10 things that Republicans have historically liked. Things like tax cuts for corporations. A simpler and more fair tax code. Deficit reduction. Spending freezes. And tough talk on terrorism (albeit at the end of his speech).

He also stressed about 10 things that Democrats have historically liked. Things like increased spending on education. Alternative energy sources. Equal opportunity. Cuts to the bloated military defense budget. And he continued to defend health care reform.

Clearly, this is no "socialist" president, so I was still shocked to see some politicians react to it in the mainstream media by calling it a socialist speech. Nearly the entire speech was about the importance of the economy, capitalism, jobs, "big business," and corporations. Anyone who thinks Obama is a socialist is, excuse my French, a fucking idiot.

(I don't often cuss, but when I do, I do it for effect. Saying you are an idiot if you believe Obama is a socialist just doesn't quite get it. No, you are a fucking idiot. Try looking up the definition of socialism in a dictionary, or better yet, an encyclopedia. Study how it is has been implemented in the world before you spout off with such nonsense.)

The media are fact-checking President Obama. For example, see:

Or if you want to see a more "fair and balanced" view (ha ha), see:

One thing I noticed was the word "crime" did not get mentioned once.

As a criminologist I say, "Finally!"

The New York Times also has this cool feature showing common words in previous such addresses by presidents.

And the Republicans are being fact checked too.

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