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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another way of killing people that is perfectly legal

I remember the days when I used to poke fun of people who drive Ford automobiles.
Because Ford made the Pinto.
Then the Explorer.
Both were found to have serious safety issues, known in advance to the manufacturer, that the company KNEW would lead to injury and death. Yet, the company decided that, since it was cheaper NOT to fix the cars, it would let people be injured and die, pay their lawsuits, and still save money.
All the while I was proudly driving my Toyota or my Honda, thinking, at least there are some ethical car companies.
Oh well.
Turns out, greed is good. And our lives matter less than profit.
Now, compare this type of "crime" to the everyday murder. Which is worse? When a poor person or a drunk person or an angry person or a jealous person kills someone who made them mad or sad or desperate or when a wealthy company with no hardships kills dozens of us for money?

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