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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How long until this ends up on Youtube?

A news report suggests that there is actually surveillance video from the grocery store when Rep. Giffords was shot.

And it shows her being shot in the face.

Wonder how long this will take to get to Youtube?

And just who would want to see that anyway?


  1. We all have had first hand experience with the amount of news coverage concerning the shooting in Arizona. Some would say that it has been too much coverage, while others say that the media have not covered it enough. Either way, I feel that this surveillance video will end up on Youtube eventually. It may be graphic and very disturbing, but we have learned from past events that crime/violence sells, no matter how graphic it may be. Media companies are so into making a profit that if even just enough people view to make a profit, it will be put out into the media.
    When we constantly hear about crime and violence, we listen and continue on with our day. It is simply a part of the news, something that we have all come to expect. But when you place a video like this one on a website, or in the news, I feel that you are crossing the line between what the public needs to know, and what media corporations/business owners think people need to know(so they can make money off it).

  2. It will end up on youtube! No Doubt! I really do not know who would really want to see someone being shot in the face, but there are some crazy, sick people in this world!