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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King day

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

The day we honor one of the most important men in history.

So I thought you should learn a bit more about what Dr. King really stood for.

It's a story you won't see told in much of the mainstream press.

From the article:

"It's become a TV ritual: Every year in mid-January, around the time of Martin Luther King's birthday, we get perfunctory network news reports about "the slain civil rights leader."

"The remarkable thing about this annual review of King's life is that several years — his last years — are totally missing, as if flushed down a memory hole."

Indeed, in the year before King was assassinated, King was talking about shutting down the US government through national sit-ins to force change to reduce poverty, as part of his Poor People's Campaign.

You almost hear about this, like it never happened.

Is this further evidence consistent with the goals of the corporate media?

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