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Monday, January 17, 2011

April 4, 1968

This is the day Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

The official story is that one man killed him, and did so due to economic motivation (i.e., money).

Yet, the man convicted for his assassination (through a plea bargain in face of the threat of death from his own attorney) quickly recanted his confession and denied until his own death that he was the killer. One of Dr. King's sons even met with him and asked him on television, "Did you kill my father." His answer was no. And Dr. King's son said he believed him. The two shook hands.

A civil jury in Memphis some thirty years after the killing found evidence of a conspiracy to kill Dr. King; it involved members of the Memphis Police Department, FBI, and others (only with study of King's life and the law enforcement activities surrounding King can you understand this issue; basically, the police, including FBI Director Edgar Hoover, saw King as "the most dangerous man in America" and a "mouthpiece" for our enemies, the communists). Shortly before King was killed, Hoover distributed an internal memo to the FBI calling for King's “removal from the national scene.”

Even the New York Times covered the trial!

Whether the jury was right is debatable. But, there are serious problems with the official investigation. I discovered many of them in my own investigation. You can read in the library: Robinson, Matthew B. (2003). Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Conspiracy Theories in American History.  England: ABC-Clio.  Pp. 402-410.

In 2038, the classified files associated with the official investigation will be released. Perhaps then we will finally learn the truth.

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