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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bye bye NBC

NBC (NBC Universal) is now "NBCUniversal" (without the space). Also gone is the peacock, the globe, and the silhouette.

In another example of media consolidation, NBCUniversal is now owned by Comcast:

"General Electric Co.'s stake in NBC Universal will fall from 80 percent to 49 percent and it plans to exit completely after several years. France's Vivendi SA sold the remainder of its 20 percent stake to GE on Wednesday."

The implications of this are not yet known.

Although we know one thing that has already happened.

Keith Olbermann no longer works there.

And we know it matters.

As explained by the Free Press:

Media owners influence:
  • What news and information communities receive
  • What voices are heard – or silenced
  • Whether important issues get covered accurately – or covered at all
  • Who gets hired to report and produce the news
  • What music and which artists get airplay
  • How women and people of color are portrayed in the media

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