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Friday, January 14, 2011

Excellent analysis of newspaper coverage of Arizona shooting

Gun control, mental illness, troubled background, parenting, prior bad acts, police records.

That seems to be the story so far.

One wonders when this will all "poop out" or run out of steam.

This reporter says: "I commend both papers for sending boatloads of reporters to Arizona to cover the story and budgeting multipage coverage to it"

I say, I'm not so sure. I've talked about the story on this blog a bunch, but then, this is a blog about how the media cover crime and criminal justice; and this is what they are covering now.

I think we're starting to tire of this story, like we always do after several days of coverage. People are probably starting to seek a break from it. Which may explain why there will not likely be any new laws that come out of this tragedy.

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