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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cause and effect?

The Middle East--including even Iraq--used to be relatively safe for Christians.

Then the US invaded Iraq.

Now, Christians have fled the country in record numbers and attacks against Christians have risen.

If this is a causal relationship, it should appear in the dictionary under "irony." And those people who think we're there because "they" worship the wrong God should be confronted with this kind of evidence.

One of Saddam Hussein's top advisors--Tariz Azia--was Christian. And Christians went to church twice a week in Iraq without fear of attacks by "Islamic fundamentalists" and "terrorists" and people with "links to" al-Qaeda. And that's because they were not there.

Until we invaded.

Now the attacks are spreading.

Thanks to CBS News' 60 Minutes for bringing this to our attention.

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