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Friday, January 7, 2011

Interesting political news from the first day of the new Congress

They pledged to repeal the new health care law (which by the way is impossible).

Yet, they also pledged to reduce the deficit.

Only, repealing the health care law will add to the deficit.

So, what to do?

Why is this on a blog about crime?

Because it ought to be illegal for more than 30 million Americans to be uninsured in the richest nation on Earth.

And with comments like this one, we'll have to start calling him BONER from now on:

"... the best health-care system in the world is going to go down the drain if we don't act" (House Majority Leader John Boehner).

For the record, our rankings from the World Health Organization and CIA World Fact Book put us nowhere near the top in any health rankings.


  1. Cry baby corporate kissing pig! I'd like to give that man a reason to cry.

  2. You look like an interesting person MM. Become a follower! :-)