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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NO ideology in the US media?

Many Americans believe the media are plagued by a "liberal bias."

In the book, it is argued that the mainstream press are generally "conservative" in nature.

This article suggests there is no bias in the media. And that this is a problem.

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  1. In total disagreement. America's newsrooms provide for a great deal of diversity, except for a diversity of opinion. They may provide two opinions, two sides of the same coin that is.

    From another pundit who called it right:

    Media bias was over decades ago. The media isn't biased anymore, it's a player, its goal is turn its Fourth Estate into a fourth branch of government, the one that squats below the three branches and blocks their access to the people and blocks the people's access to them. Under the Mediacracy there will still be elections, they will even be mostly free, they just won't matter so long as its upper ranks determine the dialogue on both sides of the media wall.

    The Mediacracy isn't playing for peanuts anymore. It's not out to skew a few stories, it's out to take control of the country. In military empires, the military can act as a Praetorian Guard. In political empires, it's the people who control the political conversation who also control the succession.

    In 2008, the Mediacracy elevated an Illinois State Senator who had briefly showed up in the Federal Senate to the highest office in the land. They did it even though he had no skills for the job and no serious plan for fixing any of the country's problems. They did it to show that they could. They did it because they wanted to tell a compelling story and inflict radical change on a country that would have never voted for it, if it had not been lied and guilted into making the single worst decision in its entire history.

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